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Saphire Estate Winter Wedding // David + Tonya

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This was a magical wedding day from beginning to end!

The first time I met David and Tonya was at a local Starbucks. They had booked with October Dusk for their wedding and we wanted to meet face to face. We clicked instantly! What an awesome couple! Their love for each other was visible from miles away! The way David would look at Tonya every time she spoke was straight out of a movie! I had such a great time getting to know them and shortly after our meeting we met again for their engagement session.

Once December 1st rolled around, I drove to Saphire Estate in Sharon, MA. An absolutely beautiful venue! Tonya had her own bridal suite where she got ready for her big day with her sisters. There was a beautiful big window overlooking the lake, as well as the guests arriving. While looking out the window at one point we noticed it had started snowing! The first snowfall of the winter. The timing was perfect!

David's reaction to seeing Tonya walk down the aisle was so emotional, but who could blame him? She looked so beautiful! Since it was snowing and it was a very cold night, we chose to take some pictures indoors after the ceremony. Shortly after, the reception began and it was awesome! So much dancing, delicious food and even a hot chocolate station was brought out towards the end of the night!

This was a beautifully planned wedding day and it was an honor being part of it!

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